Visible spots of irregular shape formed by the action of an aggressive substance on the top coating surface, depending on the length of exposure, that may cause discolouration, corrosion, cracking, and consequently flaking of the coat.

  • bird droppings laying long lime on the top coating,
  • aggressive plant saps appearing, e.g. after parking under a tree in blossom,
  • industrial pollution in the form of acid rain (containing sulphur compounds),
  • the use of strong detergents on fresh coating,
  • accidental spillage of aggressive substances (battery acid, brake fluid, the peroxide from hardener for polyester putty, aggressive solvent).
  • immediate removal of bird droppings from the surface of topcoat, protection when parking vehicles out-doors,
  • adequate curing of coatings and avoiding detergents in the initial phase of using fresh topcoat,
  • maintaining cleanliness and order in the workplace and proper protection of the vehicle during the repair.
Smaller damages have to be matted and then polished with buffing paste. Larger damages should beremoved until a healthy layer and recoated.

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