Corporate policy

The mission of NOVOL is to manufacture and market automotive coating products, industrial coating materials, composite production materials and construction chemicals through a policy based on continuous sustainable growth and respecting the needs of our business partners: customers, suppliers, employees, community and owners.

Our objective is to build such customer relationships and offer a product quality so satisfactory that customers who experience NOVOL and its products for the first time will always return to them. Meeting the continuously redefined customer requirements is the foundation of customer satisfaction.

NOVOL wishes to maintain partner-like relationships with its suppliers so that they benefit both the customer and the supplier.

NOVOL cares for the work safety and growth opportunities of its employees. NOVOL cares for social integration and professional self-fulfilment opportunities of the physically and mentally challenged by providing work-friendly conditions

NOVOL cares for the safety of company visitors.

NOVOL manages its environmental impact by reasonable usage of its assets and striving to reduce that impact mainly by minimising emissions and through the recycling of materials.

In its efforts to reduce environmental nuisance and to improve the health and safety of its employees and the local community, NOVOL proactively participates in the execution of the international Responsibility and Care program (

In order to assure business process continuity and data protection (which also includes personal information), NOVOL manages information security by:

classification and suitable handling of information;
risk analysis of assets with consideration of asset confidentiality, integrity and accessibility through risk reducing activities;
business continuity management;
raising employee awareness and applying their joint responsibility as part of information security.

NOVOL has committed itself to meet all relevant requirements, which include: identified customer requirements and regulatory requirements concerning but not limited to products, social responsibility with environmental and work conditions, and other requirements, including those of a contractual nature.

In order to operate effectively in specific areas and achieve the general Corporate Policy objectives, specific objectives are defined and periodically reviewed.
Our Management System includes mechanisms of continuous improvement, based on general internal auditing and our own Internal Auditing Unit, GK.

NOVOL's business is aimed at high standards of business ethics.

NOVOL's Corporate Policy is periodically reviewed and updated.

Piotr Nowakowski, President
Komorniki, 3 February 2014.

The Quality, Environmental and Information Security Policies form part of the Corporate Policy.

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