Nos marques

  • Peinture en carrosserie

  • Systèmes mélangeurs


  • Produits en aérosol

  • Accessoires de peinture

  • Produits pour la peinture en carrosserie

  • Produits pour la peinture en carrosserie

  • Rénovations de véhicules historiques

  • NOVOL. Next generation.

  • Solutions pour l’industrie

  • Surfaces de sport, sols industriels

  • Colles pour la construction navale

La Société

NOVOL distributes products on a great scale to Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Africa.

We manufacture 1300 over different products on 10 production lines. Our manufacturing and store rooms comprise over 17,000 square metres.

The annual production output is 18,200 tons with 13,000 tons exported to almost 50 countries across the globe. The needs of specific markets are addressed by our trading partners in Germany, Russia, and Ukraine.

The company was established in a small, ninety square metre workshop. At the time, a limited assortment of products made with the use of hand tools was enough to satisfy the local market needs.

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