September 2012 saw the original launch of the Spectral KLAR 565 clearcoat, and with it a revolution in the automotive refinish market. It was the first clearcoat fast enough to process an entire car in a single run. Back then, the competitors also had fast clearcoats, but they were limited to sport/smart repairs, or a maximum of three large body parts. Spectral KLAR 565 was special, as it made whole-vehicle refinishing possible. The IR drying time was astonishing too: half that of the competitors’ average, providing multiple benefits: faster processing per vehicle on the shop floor, cost benefits for garage owners due to less time and energy being consumed, and shorter waiting times for the customer. In the following years, the superior performance of Spectral KLAR 565 built up an avid fan base of users who could not imagine having to work with other clearcoat brands. There are countries where “KLAR 565” is now synonymous with an all-round fast clearcoat for small and large area refinishing.

Now it is time for the next breakthrough. Spectral KLAR 565 has a worthy successor: Spectral KLAR 565-00! Today NOVOL is confident it has developed yet another product to shake up the market and surpass the success of the previous generation.

Several other ultra-fast aspartic resin clearcoats have become available in recent years. Unfortunately, their deficiencies have a significant effect on the final coat quality. First, they are “yellowish”; second, the water-borne clearcoat bases require a hardener for processing; and third, they cannot be applied over thinners-based basecoats. Spectral KLAR 565-00 is different, as it has been formulated with a special selection of acrylic resins to remove all the weakness of aspartic coats while retaining their best advantages. So what are the advantages and strengths of this latest arrival? It is hard to list them all in a single sentence. The drying time is astoundingly short, for one, with a 5 minute IR drying time (60°C), or a mere 3 hours at ambient conditions (20°C). Once the car body has cooled, it can be outfitted again and the coat buffed. Another equally important feature is the extremely high hardness of the coating, protecting the vehicle from normal wear and tear. The high transparency and flowability make the new clearcoat very easy to apply, even for the least experienced body painters. Added to that is the great clearcoat yield, the very high solids content plus excellent finish.

Spectral KLAR 565-00 joins the latest coat refinishing technology, Spectral 2.0, and its primers: Spectral UNDER 325-00, Spectral UNDER 355-00 and Spectral UNDER 365-00, as well as Spectral WAVE 2.0 (which professionals value highly and call one of the best colour matching systems) and the Spectral KLAR 525-00 clearcoat. The system also features Spectral UNDER 00-RACE, a primer highly acclaimed by vehicle body painters. It is sandable in just 20 minutes after application at 20°C, and it also features great fill and other features typical of a best-in-class product.

For those still not sold on the Spectral line, NOVOL provides a live product processing demonstration as a part of regular paint shop operations. Spectral users have been widely sharing their findings and comments in social media. It’s worth logging in to see the feedback.