Get your advantage

  • Fast application and a short flash-off time for all repair surface sizes, with short drying times
  • Wet-on-wet base layer application
  • The Take-Shake-Use system of disposable containers: fast, clean, with dosing control, and based on mono basecoats
  • Demonstrations and implementation at the customer’s site (without interrupting their current processes)
  • Individual technical and color support and consulting
  • Professional training programs at the NOVOL Training Centre
  • Cost-efficient starter pack with advanced technical aids
  • CarColor software
  • Custom recipe formulation for every customer

State-of-the-art waterborne basecoat system

For formulation of a wide gamut of solid, metallic, pearl and special colors


Easy shading without the use of any extra shading products

Excellent hiding power for minimised consumption

Spectral WAVE 2.0 is a system of waterborne basecoats. The product line is based on advanced waterborne dispersions and the latest pigment technologies. The system can be mixed to create over ten thousand colors with ready to use recipes, and an infinite palette of custom color formulas.

Spectral WAVE 2.0 requires no mixing machines. The high stability of its components has eliminated the need for large, unwieldy and expensive color mixing equipment. Instead, the system has a small, handy, heated rack which can be easily deployed anywhere in your paint shop. The system components only need hand stirring by vigorous shaking directly before use.

The system ensures excellent hiding power, boosted by a palette of primers in spectral greys. Thanks to high quality resins and pigments, Spectral WAVE 2.0 is a line of products which boasts superior technical performance: short drying times, good adhesion to substrates, perfect flopping and ideal color matching.

This makes any paint coat repairs very easy, while reducing the processing time and material consumption. The large number of available pigment pastes helps create even the most unique solid, metallic or pearl colors in two or three-coat variants.

Spectral WAVE 2.0 is a system of 80 components:

  • 39 solid pigments (with 8 reduced concentration pigments for easier color matching)
  • 10 aluminium pigments (8 silver, 1 golden and 1 orange)
  • 18 pearl pigments
  • 5 xirallic pigments
  • 4 multi-color powder pigments (Colorstream)
  • Binder for 3-coat colors
  • Flop controller
  • Special thinner, available in a standard and slow version (the latter is dedicated for processing at > 30oC)

The pigments are sold in bottles with disposable closures for precise dosing of components. A selection of 1.0 litre, 0.5 litre and 0.1 litre pigment bottles is available, depending on the demand for specific components. The basecoat is prepared with the thinner volume specified in color recipes from the Car Color software which supports the Spectral processing systems.

Spectral WAVE 2.0 also features a range of complementary products that are compatible with the Spectral 2K and Spectral BASE systems. They include: thinners, removers, shading agents, spectral grey primers, clearcoats, and more.