• A vast pigment database with the Spectral Special Edition:
    the latest finish effects for coating with special colors,
  • Monobases included,
  • Increased yield per unit, short paint booth processing times, and very fast repairs,
  • Easy to apply and shade,
  • Adjustable to suit the repair surface area and temperature
    (with Standard and Slow thinners),
  • Cost-efficient starter pack with advanced technical aids,
  • Custom recipe formulation for every customer,
  • Demonstrations and implementation at the customer's site
    (without interrupting their current processes),
  • Individual technical and color support and consulting,
  • Professional training programs at the NOVOL Training Centre.

Those customers who look for non-waterborne systems are covered by our easy and effective color matching solution: the Spectral BASE 2.0 color mixing system. Color specialists are often challenged by the need to match the processed part color to the adjacent body parts. We understand that many factors may affect color changes, including weathering of the original coat, the basecoat thickness, the primer background color, etc. We also understand that matching the color templates to recipes is just as important as easy color adjustments. Spectral BASE 2.0 includes the essential pigments and color matching tools:

  • Colorboxes, arranged chromatically or by vehicle brand. Car body color pallets are growing continuously as new colors are developed, often with new finish effect bases. That is why we update our database with approximately 450 colorseach year.
  • Access to new basecoat pigments with the latest Pyrisma® and Colorstream® effects.
  • Spectrofotometer, which not only finds the closest matching recipes, but also the right color adjustment range.
  • Mixing frames with fully configurable weight, width and number of product containers installed. The mixing framescan even be adapted for installation in corners!

Reduced product consumption, short spray booth processing and reduced repair times are the tangible benefits of using Spectral BASE 2.0. This optimises the work of color specialists and basecoat painters!


Spectral BASE 2.0 combines 75 components:

  • 41 solid pigments (including the B-D10 flop controller);
  • 11 aluminium pigments (9 silver, with golden and orange pigments);
  • 17 pearl pigments;
  • 5 Xirallic® pigments;
  • a binder for three-layer colours.

Spectral Special Edition* are special pigments designed to match specific colours offered by automotive manufacturers.

*(Available on order and not included with the Spectral BASE 2.0 starter pack)

  • 4 Colorstream® (multicolour) pigments;
  • 3 Xirallic® pigments;
  • 7 Pyrisma® pigments;
  • red aluminium;
  • T-10 Red Ink.

Spectral BASE 2.0 is continuously modified and developed. The system is complemented with new pigments as required, and the colour recipe database grows bigger every day.