SPECTRAL 2K system components


contains a rack of shelves for 0.5, 0.8 and 3.5 litre containers. Requires standard 230 V / 50 Hz electrical mains. The mixer is a modular rack that allows freedom in its configuration.


high precision electronic scales with a maximum capacity of 7.5 kg and a resolution of 0.01g. The scales support the Car Color software, and when both are interfaced, the device enables automatic adjustment of overdosed pigments and warehouse management at the shop.


a universal work bench made of stainless steel and complete with an additional top shelf and a drawer.


original color templates organised by automotive brands (or optionally in a chromatic order) and stored in a dedicated cabinet. The large number of color alternatives helps choose the colors most approximate to the ones being repaired. The Color-box is updated with the latest colors three times a year.


contains sprayed-on pigment samples,shown in their clear tones and in combination  with white and silver pigments. Specifies the hiding power, hue and flop.

Program Car Color

a user-friendly PC software suite with a color recipe database which helps adjust overdosed pigments and manage an archive of custom color recipes. The user can also enjoy advanced warehouse management functionalities as well as manage and archive their shop orders.