SPECTRAL WAVE 2.0 system components

Product rack

7 shelves, closed with sliding doors. Frame size: 210x120x30 cm (H/W/D).


high precision scales with the operating range from 0 to 7.1 kg, 0.1 g precision and connectivity with the colour formulation software.


a universal bench with a stainless steel top, an extra top shelf and a drawer.


the original colour coat samples housed in a special cabinet.

Colour matching sampler

features sprayed pigment coats in original finish, white-diluted finish and silver finish, supplied with the hiding power and flop parameters.

Colour formulation software

a user friendly software suite for PC computers, capable of overdosage correction and custom recipe archive management. The software has extensive functionalities to streamline the paint shop operations: warehouse management, repair jobs management, additive mixing management, and more. Spectral WAVE 2.0 is a system under continuous development and improvement, with updates for the recipe database and colour samples.

Frequently updated recipes and colour samples are what makes Spectral WAVE 2.0 evolve.