SPECTRAL 2K is a single-layer two-component acrylic topcoat mixing system. It was developed in Research and Development Lab for painting passenger cars, transport vehicles, coaches, vans, semi trailer and industrial uses in mind.
The system comprises single-dye topcoats, which are mixed in appropriate proportions to obtain any color based on a database of recipes implemented in a computer system. SPECTRAL topcoats have good levelling, hiding power and fast drying time. Thanks to carefully selected components they are resistant to UV radiation, adverseweather conditions and sunlight fading, which together provide a guarantee of durability. SPECTRAL mixing system allows obtaining all solid colors used in automotive industry and it also boasts great
color fidelity.

Spectral 2K mixing system comprises 24 single-dye topcoats available in 3.5 and 0.8 litre containers that are placed on the frame of the mixing system along with these complementary products:

  • hardeners (slow, standard and fast),
  • thinners (slow, standard and fast),
  • matting agent,
  • fillers in all shades of grey
  • and other products (please see additives).