Spectral 2.0 is an end-to-end technology used for paint repairs, developed through a process of careful selection and continuous improvement by NOVOL’s Research & Development Laboratory.

Spectral 2.0 Technology provides state-of-the-art processing solutions for the best quality in finish and workmanship at every stage of the paint repair process: from anti-corrosive protection to filling, priming, color matching, clearcoat application and introduction of dedicated additives.


Our goal is to become a leader in the paint system industry in terms of innovation, which we are achieving by consistently marketing pioneering solutions that are successfully used by the largest paint system service providers.


The initial phase in the development of Spectral 2.0 Technology involves the selection of superior quality materials from leading European vendors. In the next phase a team of laboratory experts formulate suitable product recipes and improve each component of the system. The deliverable is Spectral 2.0 Technology, an optimum process for paint coat repair shops who wish to provide unparalleled service standards, improve work efficiency and reduce the costs of modern paint coat processing.


When we began designing the Spectral 2.0 system, our focus was on perfecting all aspects of the paint coat repair process. Cost optimization, as we understand it, can be achieved by improving the processing efficiency by using the highest quality of paint coating services. Spectral 2.0 Technology is the right way to achieve minimum costs, through the use of streamlined paint coat repair processes. Spectral 2.0 Technology guarantees high levels of profitability for modern paint shops.


We created the Spectral 2.0 system with particular attention on adapting the entire solution to suit the actual needs of painters and paint shop owners. No matter what the specific processing conditions, specific repair demands and personal preferences of the painters might be, Spectral 2.0 is flexibly customizable to the size of the paint coat repair and weather conditions by adjusting the curing rates, selecting appropriate thinners and choosing clearcoats of the desired textural finish. The right selection of painting materials helps to achieve moderate and large-surface paint repairs, as well as fast spot repairs, including the hassle-free and effective repair of plastic parts.


When a paint shop decides to choose Spectral 2.0 Technology, the decision is strategic and informed, based on the trust that all the system components have been designed and tested for optimum integration and minimization of coating errors. This is why complete, fast and effective paint coat repairs are possible with a full guarantee of successful processing.


Dedicated Spectral 2.0 oriented training programs and demonstrations are available both at paint shops, without interrupting their repair business, and NOVOL’s advanced Training Centre. The know-how transferred in this way adds the value of guaranteed paint coat processing success to the satisfaction of painters and paint shop customers.

Our team of highly professional technicians and trainers provides consulting, support and continuous access to extensive know-how in the application of Spectral 2.0 paint supplies. The training programs are delivered by experienced trainers who always work in direct cooperation with NOVOL's laboratory experts. This is how our trainers can deliver in-depth knowledge of NOVOL’s products and their processing.


Technical consulting and care is provided by our Sales Representatives and Technicians, and they work in direct contact with our customers. Our staff provides access to all the latest information about new products and services, while offering the right selection of our products and processes to guarantee the most effective work and service quality for paint shops. Our Laboratory can deliver custom-designed technologies and products, tailored to the customer’s needs.