Automotive coating restoration and repair processes have recently progressed in leaps and bounds. This is a response to the growing demands of end users and automotive vehicle manufacturers. It is not enough to provide good anti-corrosion protection and cover it perfectly to conceal a collision repair. The new factor in restoration and repair processes is their duration, while it is also much more difficult to restore the original coating than before. Why is this so? Because there are now many new topcoat finish effects that have become popular with car buyers. At the same time, the overall thickness of automotive coatings has been reduced due to environmental and budget concerns. Both factors prove to be a challenge in terms of auto collision repairs.



All these trends are a true challenge for the NOVOL product and process laboratories. Intensive research and development lead to improvements in existing solutions and drive the Spectral brand up the ranks of leading automotive coating innovators. Two highly acclaimed colour coating lines have been launched recently: the water-borne Spectral WAVE 2.0 and the traditional solvent-based Spectral Base 2.0. Spectral WAVE 2.0 has been quickly winning buyers in Western Europe, along with a huge growth in sales volume and number of users in Poland. Spectral WAVE 2.0 is considered a one of the best water-borne coating systems on the market. Its superior performance, including drying time, application efficiency, user-friendliness and colour range, are all highly valued. To keep the good streak going, additives have been launched for pre-processing Spectral WAVE 2.0 colours for single-layer application in engine compartments. Here, the innovation consists of the feasibility of applying to external body parts, including mouldings, fascias and side mirror cowls, achieving a silky finish without any clear coat to finish.



Following these advanced colour coat lines are a series excellent complementary products. During the world’s largest industry exhibition, Automechanika in Frankfurt, Germany, the Spectral UNDER 00-RACE aspartic filler saw its debut. This product is a true breakthrough in automotive coating. The aspartic primer is an all-round product that when applied with a high fill becomes sandable in 20 minutes, and without the need to preheat to cure the coat. Another recent arrival is the Spectral UNDER 325-00 wet-on-wet primer, which has been winning ever more users. Spectral UNDER 355-00 is a standard thick-layer filling primer. Spectral UNDER 365-00 is a new universal primer to replace the successful Spectral UNDER 365. All primers are already available on the market in spectral greys.

The Spectral KLAR 525-00 clearcoat complements the new primers. NOVOL has already announced upcoming coating products, which are bound to become popular in Europe. More news about all this is due in spring.