STP FLOW is an innovative car body protection coating, based on the STP pre-polymer. STP FLOW forms a durable and permanently elastic coating with excellent anti-gravel and sound-deadening properties. STP FLOW can be applied by air spraying, to render a finish that helps restore the texture of the OEM anti-gravel chassis coating. STP FLOW is based on a state-of-the-art hybrid resin production process, which matches the high strength of polyurethane with the flexibility, high adhesion and weather resistance typical of siloxane formulations. STP FLOW is isocyanate-free for exceptional processing without exposure to toxic ingredients. STP FLOW is easy to apply, featuring good stability and high substrate adhesion.

STP FLOW features:

  1. fast hardening
  2. high durability and flexibility
  3. excellent adhesion to various substrates
  4. high stability over time, and resistance to the weather
  5. recoatability with waterborne and solvent products
  6. extremely long chemical activity: 10 days maximum
  7. good sound-deadening and vibration-damping performance
  8. isocyanate-free: does not irritate the skin or the airways during application
  9. helps restore OEM coating textures on car bodies

The product consistency helps build textures with a higher spread. For application by air spraying.




STP FLEX is an STP resin-based sprayable hybrid sealant. The product is intended for sealing and protection of overlapping and welded metal sheet joints of motor vehicle bodies and regeneration of OEM-deposited sealant textures. The final texture varies with the specific gun nozzles from thin stripes to dashed.

STP FLEX features:

  1. Advanced hybrid compound technology
  2. Perfect adhesion to substrates
  3. Short curing
  4. Results in finished surfaces which are coatable wet on wet with water-borne or thinner basecoats
  5. Very long chemical activity: coatable for 10 days after sealing
  6. High stability and good weather resistance
  7. Good sound-proofing and vibration-damping performance
  8. Isocyanate free: does not irritate the skin or airways during use

The STP FLEX Sprayable Sealant ensures perfect adhesion to bare (non-primed) substrates (carbon steel, galvanized sheets and aluminium), acrylic or epoxy basecoats, and old paint coats. The product can regenerate the original sealant textures on car bodies.




Nozzles available



Recommended application temperature: 15°C to 25°C.
Operate the piston to feed out 1 to 2cm of the product before installing the cartridge in the spray gun. The sealant is applied with special spray guns that must be operated according to their manufacturers’ guidelines.
Only STP FLEX: applied with manual or pneumatic extrusion guns. Certain finish textures require the sealant to be heated.




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