The QUATTRO polishing system, new to the NOVOL range

The QUATTRO line polishing system is a new product from NOVOL, Polish manufacturer of paint coating systems. QUATTRO has recently been launched on the market and the preliminary technical demonstrations have resulted in very positive feedback.

QUATTRO is a two-step polishing system comprising a polishing compound and a finishing glaze. The indispensable accessories for this processing system include three foam pads with three different hardness levels (HARD, MEDIUM and SOFT), selected for work according to the required surface preparation level and function. The QUATTRO kit includes a microfibre cloth and a plate disk for pad mounting. The range is complemented with a Ø80 polishing ball pad, a handy tool for processing areas which are difficult to reach.

The system's advantages include longer drying time of the polishing compound, which facilitates processing large surfaces, especially at high temperatures. What is also important is the speed and ease of polishing, and a hologram-free and lasting finish.

The QUATTRO polishing system is very user-friendly, highly efficient, quick to use, and ensures a great finish.

More information: QUATTRO

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