Polyester Filler: new in the NOVOL range

Protect 380 is a new-generation filler with the traditional acrylic resins replaced by polyester resins. The reactive solvents provide excellent yield, which can be up to 50% higher than in typical acrylic fillers. The filling of defects and irregularities is improved at much lower volumetric shrinkage. Protect 380 does not require any special thinners and can be sprayed immediately after mixing with the hardener. Typical spray guns with 1.7-1.8 mm nozzles are compatible with the new product. Another advantage is its very short drying time. Even when applied in thick layers, Protect 380 is sandable in just 1.5 to 2 hours. The mixing indicator is used to facilitate the painter's work: the hardener is red, so it is easy to see when it becomes well dispersed in the filler. Another innovation applied in Protect 380 is the curing indicator: the filler changes its colour from olive green to beige along with the curing process.

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