NOVOL's 40th Anniversary

The production output peaking at 18,000 tons per annum, 1300 unique products on the market, and customers in more than 50 countries. This year, NOVOL, the largest Polish manufacturer of coating solutions, celebrates its 40th anniversary.

“It is a major milestone for the company, and just as anyone who reaches 40 years of age, we too are examining our gains and losses to date, while readying ourselves—with our experience and the knowledge of our limits — for any challenges the future might bring,” Filip Nowakowski admits, President and CEO at NOVOL.

NOVOL was established in 1978 by two chemists, Piotr Nowakowski and Piotr Olewiński. In the first years of business, the company’s shop and office were in Komorniki near Poznań, where putties for paint coaters were made. As the years went by, the product range began to grow.

“We were literally walking from door to door, leaving our product samples and encouraging people to test them. We also carefully listened to the feedback, got back to our shop, improved the products, and returned to our customers again,” Piotr Nowakowski recalls, one of the two founders of NOVOL.

NOVOL’s success has been built on superior customer service and the ability to respond to customer needs. Year after year, NOVOL-branded products began to appear in a growing number of market sectors.

“I like to say that business is like sports: you need talent, resolve, consistency and the critical ingredient, a bit of luck. Knock on wood, NOVOL has always been lucky,” Piotr Olewiński explains, the other co-founder of NOVOL.

Today, NOVOL manufactures many innovative and advanced product lines for professional coating, including the Spectral 2.0 System. The experts at NOVOL’s Research & Development Laboratory work on future solutions for automotive body coating, industrial coatings, flooring systems, wooden floor chemicals, and boatbuilding. Novol for Classic Car is the world’s first line of products dedicated specifically to the renovation of historical vehicles, an honest and much-welcome tip of NOVOL’s hat to classic car enthusiasts.

“We want to follow the trends, but not at the cost of a company-wide revolution. Our everlasting core values include openness, trust, respect for the fellow man, and care for the environment in which we work and live,” Paweł Olewiński adds, who took the helm at NOVOL with Filip Nowakowski two years ago.

NOVOL now carries 1300 unique products for the automotive and industrial sectors. The production output is over 18,000 tons a year, with 13,000 tons exported to foreign destinations. The products carrying the NOVOL logo are available in 50 countries across the globe.

NOVOL’s current headquarters house a massive manufacturing building, but there’s more, like the Marketing & Education Centre, where training for painters is held. Two years ago, NOVOL launched its highly-automated Product Distribution Centre. NOVOL has also implemented and certified its ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, along with an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, and also follows the international Responsible Care programme. To meet its promise as a socially-responsible business, NOVOL hires workers with intellectual disabilities and those who have suffered from long-term unemployment.

NOVOL is the winner of many awards, including the Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland for Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility. NOVOL has also been recognised as an Entrepreneur of the Year (Przedsiębiorca Roku) by Ernst & Young, for its exceptional achievements in social responsibility and outstanding consideration for and assistance to its disabled personnel.

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