Cobra Superior Technology ™

COBRA EPOXY – professional anti-corrosion epoxy primer. The highest quality anti-corrosion protection is achieved by using unique epoxy resin together with anti-corrosion pigments. It has very good adhesion to black steel, galvanised steel and aluminium.

Together with Cobra Protective Coatings (Cobra, Cobra Superior) provides excellent protection of car body.

Additional decorative or protective layers can be applied, without sanding, on cured (approx.3h/20°C) COBRA EPOXY. Maximum duration time of chemical activity is 48h/20°C.

Light grey color of COBRA EPOXY has excellent hiding power and enables to achieve perfect, uniform background for any color.




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COBRA SUPERIOR – hybrid protective coating with structural finish. Special composition of synthetic resin enables to achieve the most desired characteristic: very high mechanical durability without decreasing the elasticity, high final hardness and scratch resistant. Protects against petrol, oil, water and salt. The product has also sound-proof and sound-dampening properties. It is UV resistant.

With COBRA SUPERIOR you can achieve different structures of final layer (from coarse-grained to fine-grained) depending on amount of thinner and nozzle size. Using COBRA Anti-Slip Additive will provide better non-slip characteristics on different surfaces (stairs, floors, boat decks ).





Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet (Hardener) E-catalog

COBRA SPRAY 2K DTM (Direct To Metal) - Effective Protective Coating

COBRA SPRAY 2K DTM is an innovative protective coating designed for effective protection of metal surfaces such as steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum. Thanks to it, painted elements will be protected not only against corrosion but also against mechanical damage, even without the need for an anti-corrosive primer.

COBRA SPRAY 2K DTM combines convenience with the highest product quality. Simply mix the contents of the container with the hardener (released conveniently by piercing a special container at the bottom of the can) to obtain a ready-to-use protective coating. This makes the application process on rust-free metal elements incredibly simple, even for individuals without specialized equipment like a spray gun.

Benefits of the polyurethane protective coating COBRA SPRAY 2K DTM:

  • No need for a spray gun
  • Excellent product quality, thanks to the two-component technology
  • Corrosion protection for various types of metals
  • No need for an anti-corrosive primer - DTM technology, directly onto metal
  • Exceptional resistance to mechanical damage, thanks to the high hardness of the protective coating
  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates, including steel, galvanized zinc, or aluminum

With COBRA SPRAY 2K DTM, painted elements will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also durably protected against the adverse effects of weather conditions and mechanical damage.

Discover effective protection for metal elements today!


[Watch the video COBRA SPRAY 2K DTM]




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